Why Should You Drink Water in the Morning?

Why Should You Drink Water in the Morning?Here is an easy to follow tip for you: drink water in the morning. The very first minute you wake up, before anything else, just drink a glass of water.

How is this beneficial?

While you sleep (6-9 hours), your body does not receive a single drop of water. As a result, it becomes slightly dehydrated. Therefore, by drinking a glass of water, you replenish your reserves. Some say that it also removes toxins, helps bowel movement, etc. Don’t really care about that. It just makes sense to do that. Water also helps your system to wake up faster, so, if you feel sleepy in the morning, just take a glass of water and you will soon realize, that such activity really helps. Hey, you may even notice some other improvements.

I mean, it can’t really be bad for you, right (unless you have some weird condition)? So, why not help your body to recover faster?

I don’t advise you on drinking cold water though, it might be a shock to your system. Room temperature water is probably your best choice. If you have an ulcer though, consider drinking warm water as it reduces stomach acid (and you want to reduce it, so everything heals faster).

Of course, you can always use tap water, which might contain some unfiltered stuff, such as: traces of medicine. However, I suggest you get one of those on tap water purifiers.

Be warned though. Don’t just buy the cheapest one, analyze the product instead. For example: I have found that Philips WP3961 filter also removes good minerals (or they just forgot to mention that it preserves them), while WP3911 does not.

So, do some research before. I use WP3812 model from Phillips (with minerals preserving filter) and couldn’t be happier. Water is delicious.

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4 Responses to “Why Should You Drink Water in the Morning?”
  1. Customized Fat Loss says:

    I prefer drinking milk in the morning. Can milk be a substitute for water in the morning?

  2. Bodybuilding Diets says:

    I do this every morning the moment I wake up. However, I use cold water because I’m not used to drinking room temperature water. I never knew it would be bad for my body though…

  3. Alex says:

    I don’t know about you guys but the tap water I get is perfect for drinking and it is in most places, I hate how people buy into all the scamps like Brita filters and such (sorry if your water is really undrinkable but this is rare in north america). Also I am trained a MD and I strongly believe that there isĀ absolutismĀ no harm in drinking cold water in the morning. Hope it helped. Alex

  4. Reflux guy says:

    Hi, Can i check if rice water will do enough?

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